On Display; Getting Art Out of the Studio and Into the World...

September has been an exceedingly busy month at Bioperspective with art exhibited in three venues in addition to the usual business of medical illustrations, logos and – shudder – the marketing and book keeping that keeps it all ticking over. Who needs sleep? Some months just come together like that....

In the first venue, the display windows of my local library, I created an installation melding medical illustration, anatomical fine art (intaglio prints), and anatomical jewelry. Amazingly it all worked together well. The medical illustration component demonstrated a typical job (if ever there is one?) from author's text and stick figures meant to convey where illustrations are needed, to my initial roughs, comments back from the publisher, finally final art and the actual book in which the art appears. My intention in this section of the display is to visually explain what goes on in the creation of the illustrations we see in reference books and the like. Some of the images in books crossed over to the intaglio prints and of course into the jewelry.

In the second venue, the St Vincent's Hospital Gallery (Melbourne, Australia), my watercolor paintings and a couple intaglio prints of the growing Melbourne Zoo family of elephants was featured in a solo exhibition titled Six Hundred and Fifty Nine Days. The title refers to the extremely long gestation period of these large animals. And hence, great buildup and anticipation for those of us with an interest in the outcome. Having gotten to know these girls during their three month period on the Cocos Islands quarantine station (where my husband was vet in charge), I've developed a great interest in their lives and happiness. Kind of like an old school friend, even if you don't see each other every day anymore, it's a big thing to you if she's having a baby – even more so if your husband's delivering it! This exhibition features Dokkoon's daughter Mali, the first elephant ever born in Melbourne. But her beautiful little half brother came into the world just a few days ago and I'm looking forward to going in and sketching him and new mom Kulab tomorrow.

The final exhibition, Illustrator Australia's annual 9x5 event, only has one piece of mine so I'm least invested in that one. But I am partial to the piece; Secret Recipe Chia Tea speaks to the theme Untold Stories, as honey bees and tea leaves partially obscure my favorite chai tea recipe. Real cardamon, cloves and peppercorns are embedded in acrylic resin. I have a scan of the work on my website but have to say it's one that needs to be seen in person as it's quite three dimensional with transparent glazes that get lost in the reflections that occur with scanning or photography. If you are in Melbourne or, later this month Brisbane, I encourage you to see this fabulous exhibition of professional illustrators working in traditional mediums.

While it's more work for me as the artist, I'm enjoying the greater control I've got with these down-to-earth venues compared with shows that I've had in commercial galleries. And I'm able to keep the prices of my work to a more reasonable level with the lower commissions required by these venues. I'm looking forward to more of these non-traditional ways to exhibit my art in the new year – namely the Melbourne Zoo and the Fitzroy library. Please make sure to use the Contact page to send me your email address if you would like to be informed of future exhibitions, which will be viewable online as well.

Mother-Daughter Moment, available as a greeting card
Under Sheltering Ears 12x17cm watercolour $330

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