Anatomical Art on Stage

Last night my illustration of the vocal folds (vocal cords) made a guest appearance on stage in the Fleur Dean's production, Skeleton Key. It's always interesting to take anatomy off the page and put it into different contexts. In this case, it was one of a few props in a minimalist show, a wordless allusion to female anatomy and loss of voice. No longer academic, the labeled illustration becomes almost a character itself, with voice, while the actor was momentarily silent.

In other forays into the performing arts, I recently forwarded some heart images to my sister-in-law, Dramaturge in Residence at the Malthouse Theatre (Melbourne Australia). The surgical illustrations and photos of hearts featuring in my St Vincent's Hospital residency paintings art not to go on stage themselves, but to inspire the creative team developing a new piece. It's a revenge tragedy somehow involving one character's heart being carried around on another's dagger. The heart has always been an evocative metaphor, this play can't have a happy ending can it? Still as a champion of anatomy portrayed in arts and culture, I'm excited to see how it will go out there in the footlights. Break a leg.

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