Old Stone

I can see it perfectly in my mind, a jewel-like silver Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton reconstruction with diamonds capping a serpentine row the vertebral processes. Perhaps it’s that I’ve been looking at a lot of 3D CT scan reconstructions depicting the bony structures inside various animals lately, but the intrigue of the skeleton and an old fascination fossils has inspired a new piece that had me sleeplessly working at the alcohol lamp at 5am this morning.
There’s something there, in the idea of how the stone fossils come to be (calcium of the bones leeching out over time to be replaced by more enduring minerals), and how diamonds are formed (carbon, pressure, heat and time). Both require more time than I can relate to. Both will be around long after the world as we know it….
Why silver? Well that relates to Elements From Within The Earth – but also the aesthetic. I don’t often have a vision just this clear in my head... the silver will be oxidised and polished back, just the right amount to reveal the texture of my ‘fossil’, the play of light on the silver working with the sparkle of the diamonds... (ok, probably cubic zirconia, but I’m still at the Blue Sky stage so bear with me….!).
Photo below of the first stage of wax. I wont post my ‘sketch’ as it is just some rough S shapes drawn in ballpoint pen on lined paper. The real reference is in my mind’s eye. But I’ll continue to photograph and post progress on this piece over the next weeks as it develops, both the wax model and the strategy used to cast it. I have a feeling the structure will have to be broken into several pieces cast separately and soldered back together, but I’ll work on it intact for now. -b

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