Wax On Wax Off

Slow progress is better than no progress, and the details of the T. rex skeleton are taking shape now. Well, it may look like its gone backwards as the legs and head are disarticulated from the spine at this point, but this is allowing me to get into the detail of vertebrae. Like a string of beads, the similar but unique bones that form the backbone of the animal must be individually sculpted. On the other hand, after speaking with jewelry guru Phillip, I’ve decided to make only one set of ribs in wax and simply cast these multiple times for the ribcage. While the ribs are also individual and will need significant refining and shaping once in silver, it would simply be too costly to have silicon moulds made of each pair. And standing at probably 50 or so hours into this project already, I’m keen to make more than one of these boys.
I just called it a boy, but most of my references are photographs of a famous T. rex skeleton named Sue, in honour of the person who discovered it. Sue is the largest and most complete T. rex skeleton found to date and casts of this original (which resides in Chicago’s Field Museum) are displayed all over the world. She is also well photographed, and while I’d love and opportunity to explore her close up, the photos will have to do for now.

Trex Wax in progress Feb 15, 2011
Trex Wax in progress Feb 28, 2011

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