Art in 3-D

OsiriX open source software was developed as a medical imaging application and is generally used in hospitals by radiologists and doctors. But a growing number of medical illustrators have been using OsiriX to build models from computerized tomography (CT) datasets to use as reference for complex illustrations – once a 3-D model is reconstructed it can be turned and tilted in any direction – or using the models themselves as the illustration. I am taking a slightly different tact and using my reconstructed images into the world of fine art. And my subject matter is slightly unusual… a variety of exotic species from puffer fish to elephants.

The learning curve for the software is step but this is because of the vast array of powerful features it encompasses. Datasets sent to me by the Berlin, Germany-based group who has imaged the animals in the course of veterinary diagnostics and research are the raw material in this process and the software allows me to draw and sculpt a virtual creature on my desktop. I will post below some early images… I’m currently exploring output options – canvas, clay-based media that worked back into, even video – while increasing my skills with the software. Watch this space for more work in this area. -bc

Reconstuction of Puffer Fish using OsiriX software  ©CROCE
Caracal (med sized wild cat) reconstuction using Osirix software ©CROCE

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