Bioperspective Anatomical Jewelry

As a practicing medical illustrator, I'm intimately familiar with the anatomical landscape of the human body. I'm a huge fan of how form evolves to facilitate function, and just how beautiful those forms can be. This admiration is the inspiration for my line of contemporary anatomical jewelry.

My jewelry designs do not come from anatomy books, rather from years of working with anatomists, surgeons and medical researchers, each guiding my understanding of their particular area of expertise in the process of creating illustration for publication. People—medical professionals or not—connect with these pieces because of their original, authentic design and extremely high standard of craftsmanship and hand finishing.

The constantly growing Bioperspective collection of anatomically correct designs include kidney, brain, eye, heart, lungs, vertebra, eardrum, cranium, pancreas, liver, cochlea (middle ear), stomach, GI tract, shoulder joint, and several heart designs. I love to do commissioned work that incorporates subjects of science and the natural world.

Sign onto @BioArts or the Bio Perspective facebook page to find out about jewelry exhibitions and other news—such as actress Pauley Perrette wearing the Open Heart Choker on the TV show NCIS in her role as fashion-savy forensics expert Abby.

Email us through the Contact page for information on prices and availability of anything you see here, or to discuss the commission of a new piece.

AnatomyArt (international online store)
(note: prices in the online store are in USD and Australian customers may wish to contact me directly for payment in AUD.