Diamond Dinosaur FINISHED!

Last week I picked the dinosaur up from Phillip, who had just riveted him back together. He had to be riveted rather than soldered as the heat from the latter would have discoloured the synthetic diamonds set along his spine… another argument for using real diamonds instead of cubic zirconia. The man made diamonds sparkle like the sun, but frankly don’t quite carry the cred I was looking for. The other side of the CZ vs natural diamond argument being cost of course; the considerable amount of silver used and paying the diamond setter for 37 bezel mounts has already outstripped my budget. So CZ it is, with attendant soldering limitations.

I’m still thrilled with the results though. I spend a couple more hours of hand filing and rubbing with fine sandpaper, polishing and buffing. I am going for a look somewhat like that of real bone polished smooth on outer points by the touch of many hands. The wonderful thing about using silver rather than another metal is that it will oxidise over the years adding a patina accentuated by the occasional polishing of outer points with a cloth. Silver is never frozen in time, always evolving that way.

Finally I mount my little theropod on the piece of obsidian I’ve chosen for its colour and volcanic origins. Finished! It’s been a long journey to get here, but I’m really happy with the result.
I’m taking these first photographs myself, again due to budgetary limitations, but I’m hoping to sell this fella at some point and thus fund a true-diamond brother who I can send to a professional jewelry photographer. “Therapod in Silver and Stones” has been entered in the 2011 Waterhouse Natural History prize but my boys have become quite attached to “Teddy” and if he doesn’t make it into the exhibition in Adelaide, he’ll always have a place in our home.
Photos to follow… -bc

Therapod in Silver and Stones, top view
Therapod in Silver and Stones, views

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