Sperm Cufflinks featured in Apparent Motion Exhibition

FINALLY. How many times have I been asked what the male counterpart to my uterus pendant would be? Well finally I've got an answer, my new sperm cufflinks feature in this exhibition. That's one in the front of this photo, yes, with the computer chip... Clever Boy.

Like a printer head computer chip encoded with a multitude of instructions directing the release of ink that will create works of art, the male gamete (or sperm) contains genetic information required to direct the development of an entire human being. These cufflinks were inspired by an inkjet printer (brand name withheld) that died only days after it's 12 month warranty expired. Keen to recycle my nearly new looking paperweight, I let my kids 'learn by doing' and pull it apart. Beyond being an educational toy, I found its parts to be quite aesthetically interesting, much as I do the human anatomy that inspires my jewelry designs.

Clever Boy cufflinks, sterling silver and computer chip. Photo M.Boldiston for Lord Coconut
Invitation for Lord Coconut's latest exhibition, Apparent Motion

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