Have Laptop, Will Travel - confessions of an artist with itchy feet

It's been a very busy year for Bioperspective and myself, personally. In addition to becoming the Art Editor of the awesome new international, multi-media Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery, my anatomical jewelry work has been featured in a couple of well-read blogs (Street Anatomy and Neatorama), and I've had paintings and prints in a number of exhibitions. Lots to report on. Complicating the plot though, has been my extensive travel in some very internet-challenged areas.

This year our family spent 15 weeks traveling up through the center and North West of Australia in a four wheel drive, living out of a camper/tent trailer. It was a beautiful adventure that we all loved, but certainly added some challenges to my work. We were running three car batteries - one for the car, one for the freezer, and one for me and all my peripherals including but not limited to an iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, Wacom drawing tablet, camera. In the spirit of traveling light I did not bring even my smallest USB powered scanner - something I was to regret later, spending hours in Photoshop attempting to transform photographed sketches into usable base art for the JCS's signature style illustrations. But I hit all my deadlines and got to work in some beautiful locations.

Keeping up the Traveling Artist theme, I am currently living in a small town on a island off the Vietnamese coast while my husband does some work with wildlife (for more info see our blog www.langurwrangle.posterous.com). Internet is plentiful, though power is intermittent. Note to self - invest in a new long life laptop battery before traveling to another remote location. I do have my scalpel, wax, and alcohol lamp here so it's back to working on the new anatomical iris ring prototype if my battery dies before the juice flows once more through the wall outlets (and I mean that literally - you can get a charge anywhere within 3 inches of the wall outlets). I do love working in wax. Shame about that looming illustration deadline.

A note on current and upcoming exhibitions: Bioperspective anatomical jewelry is on display at the new Red Train Gallery at the Ceres Environment Park, East Bruswick, Australia and a new itaglio print 'The Naked Cellist' is part of the Impressions Exhibition at the Australian Print Workshop currently. And towards the end of January, my solo exhibition of hand painted works on vintage encyclopedias "How to Mend a Broken Heart" will be at Lord Coconut as part of the Midsumma Festival.

More soon, though likely from my less scenic but better infrastructurally supported studio. -bc

Remote office location, July 2012, Broome Australia
Workspace with a view of Roebuck bay mangroves

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