A Heartfelt Thanks

Oops, I said I wasn't going to make any more heart puns but I couldn't even get past the title of this blog entry. Try again. A huge thanks to all the big-hearted folks who came along to Tuesday's opening - oh never mind. I guess that is part of the point of this series of works, the large place the heart takes in our culture.

The opening at Lord Coconut was well attended, and while I didn't take in numbers, it was certainly a diverse crowd with a variety of reactions to the work. I found myself giving abridged descriptions of the surgeries many times revealing curiosity, rather than revulsion, regarding the subject. I take my own curiosity for granted but it's great to see it in others, especially those who do not work in the sciences at all. This makes me more keen than ever to reveal science topics through visual arts.

A big thanks also to Lionel of Weekend Notes who has written this great article about the exhibition http://www.weekendnotes.com/beth-croces-how-to-mend-a-broken-heart-exhib... -bc

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