Porcelain and printmaking, match made in Heaven

2013 started off with a bang here at the Bioperspective Studios. February saw the launch of the How to Mend a Broken Heart solo exhibition, which was a great success. Sometimes a body of work just seems to catch more attention than another, and Broken Heart was covered by blogs and articles from the Melbourne Age to the Scientific American magazine.

March was full of aortic arch illustrations and forays into printing onto porcelain.

April was women's health illustrations and more porcelain — in the form of my contribution to the Indelible exhibition.

May, happily, saw the first of the successful litho prints onto clay, with detailed images retained after high temperature firing. I was told that one of my intaglio prints, "The Naked Cellist" would become part of the National Gallery of Australia's collection. A new project illustrating the finer points of ultrasound-guided anesthetic injection began.

June is here all too soon, but my donation of a postcard sized print to the Anatomy for Life charity auction has been received in Bristol, England, a box of new jewelry pieces for MONA in Hobart is nearly packed, and a new project on autopsy procedures for the United Nations is underway.

This blog is more shopping list than narrative, but I hope to go into some of these cool new projects in more detail soon. The new line of Bioperspective porcelain jewelery is especially exciting. In the mean time, I'll let the photographs do the talking.... -bc

'Dance' hand printed porcelain shard necklace, based on the '4th Position' print
'In My Head', hand printed porcelain shard necklace
New work at Bioperspective Studios

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