Wedding Bells

No, not for me (my own marriage—a uniquely surprise event—took place years ago), but for a growing number of men who have been getting married with wedding bands from the series of rings I’ve designed. Frankly, it’s an honor to contribute to such a special occasion in this way.

The rings I’ve designed are inspired by biological cellular structures and the paintings of Gustav Klimt. Klimt’s close association with the movers and shakers pioneering modern neuroscience in early 1900s, with whom he rubbed shoulders in Viennese salons, is revealed in his expressive paintings laden with cellular motifs. How could I not be a fan of this early science-Art champion?

The three men’s rings I’ve created for this series are named for works by Klimt; ‘Beethoven’, ‘Stoclet', and ‘The Kiss’. They are inspired by plant cells, heart cells, and animal cells respectively, though Melbourne (Australia) men’s boutique Lord Coconut doesn’t mention this unless someone seems particularly interested. I suppose it might put the squeamish off…. I'm pleased that some folks are attracted purely to the design.

As an artist however, the Why is as important as the What. Like Klimt, I am attracted by the symbolic quality of cells as much as their appearance. For me they represent a fundamental building block, something organic that will grow if nurtured. What a perfect component to bring to a wedding.

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